Since 1961


Bodega Las Virtudes was set up in 1961 with 129 partners, as a response to the need for small wineries and local producers to join forces. Villena has been a land of wines for hundreds of years, so it is also a land of wineries. Many of these wineries merged to form Bodega Las Virtudes, bringing together the tradition and good work of this wine region. The first 1.5 million kilos of grapes were processed is 1967.

Significant expansion took place in 1972. Oak barrels were purchased the source of the aged sediments or lees known as solera madre that lie at the bottom of the barrel and are used in the production of our sweet Fondillón wine today as well as a small bottling plant and ultra-cooling treatment equipment, making it possible to bring our first bottled wines onto the market by the end of 1978.

The winery’s firm commitment to quality began in earnest in the 1990s, when the technical department was created under José Francisco Torró, with Juan Huerta as winemaker, undertaking an extensive investment plan to be developed over several phases.

The current production facilities are fully stainless steel, ensuring more exhaustive quality control, and we have the refrigerating capacity needed to control fermentation and conservation temperatures. For red wines, the maceration is adjusted both in terms of its length as well as in terms of the frequency and aeration of the pump-over, according to the specific type of wine we want to produce at any given time. We produce our own dry ice to control the temperature at all times, and we also benefit from having the most advanced technology, allowing us to have full control over our production.

We take care over our bottling and are committed to high-quality produce from Villena.

Besides the essential winery elements, such as hoppers, scales, presses and vats, our current facilities also include a barrel cellar where the wines are aged, currently home to around 400 barrels.

We contribute growth to the productive economy, which is so important during hard times, and we transform raw materials into prestigious products. In addition, thanks to the farmers the small ones, our partners a landscape is preserved where the land is divided into plots, and a traditional farming method is also preserved that is an undeniable part of the Mediterranean iconography.


always with you


Villena has been a land of wine for hundreds of years, with a long tradition, which has been able to adapt to the times.

Today it has a considerable number of wineries and is a growing sector. The Cooperative has a differential connection with Villena. In the first place and of course, we take the name of the patron saint of the city, Virgen de las Virtudes.

Many of our brands are in fact related to the city’s heritage, such as the Villena Treasure, or the Vinalopó. But on the social level, our reason for being is Villena.

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